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Fashion School

BETS Fashion School provides excellent opportunities to help learners understand the fashion market & its demands, as well as providing an outstanding skill-base to approach the fashion & textile industry. BETS Fashion School helps develop diversity and maturity, encouraging learners to explore & realize their individual creative potential, laying foundations upon which they can develop as more fully skilled & informed professionals in their chosen field. BETS Fashion School has produced many top designers and teachers working in every area of the Pakistani Fashion industry and in top Pakistani fashion houses & in various multinational companies and many have gone on to create their own brands and labels!

BETS Fashion School offers full programmes and professional development courses through which you can achieve internationally accredited & recognised qualifications through Pearson Edexcel International, which is the largest international awarding body approved by the UK government, and by educational institutions worldwide. Pearson Edexcel qualifications provide the guarantee of achievement demanded by universities in countries such as the UK, USA & Australia. Pearson Edexcel vocational qualifications such as the HND offer learners advanced credit in all major universities and major global employers the world over recognise them. For further details please visit:


Pearson Edexcel Higher National Diploma (HND)

For those who have done their Intermediate / ‘A’ levels or a National Diploma we offer a 2 year QCF 5 HND in Fashion & Textiles, providing learners with an in-depth working knowledge and the practical skills needed to succeed and shine in their chosen field. The HND also provides further study credit exemption and covers various aspects of Fashion & Design and the final semester leads to the bi-annual Graduation Fashion Show. Learners can obtain internships with designers as well as work placements in industry to gain priceless experience & exposure in their chosen profession.

HND Core Units:

    - Visual Communication in Art & Design
    - Ideas Generation & Development in Art & Design
    - Contextual & Cultural Referencing in Art & Design
    - Professional Practice in Art & Design
    - Project Design, Implementation & Evaluation

HND Specialist Units:

    - Professional Studies in art & Design
    - Design Exploration in Textiles
    - Design Application in Textiles
    - Design Exploration in Fashion
    - Design Application in Fashion
    - Production Techniques in Fashion
    - Pattern Drafting in Fashion
    - Research and Development for Fashion and Design
    - Pattern Construction in Fashion
    - Fashion Promotion and Marketing
    - CAD/CAM for Fashion & Textiles
    - Fashion and Textiles Materials Understanding
    - Fashion Collection Realisation
    - Fashion Photography
    - Drawing Techniques and Processes in Art and Design

Skill Development Units:

    - Presentation Skills
    - Fashion Drawing
    - Fashion Illustration
    - Computer Skills
    - English Language
    - Basic Drawing
    - Pattern introduction

Fee Structure

    Admission Test Fee = PKR 500

    Admission Fee = PKR 15,000

    Semester Fee = PKR 55,000( lump sum ) or PKR 10,000 per Month for six months

    Edexcel Registration Fee= GBP 310 (one time fee)


Short Courses

Fashion Drawing

Learn to transfer the human body into fashion drawings, emphasising upon structure & proportion. You will also be able to construct well rendered garments on the human body.
Duration    : 4 months (Morning)

Fashion Photography

We offer a comprehensive study of this field covering all the major aspects, ranging from outdoor photography to in- house studio set ups, marketing techniques and fashion history. This enables you to enter the practical field with the aesthetic and technical knowhow. The course is being conducted by Faisal Javed, who is managing his own lifestyle publication ‘Content’ and has experience of more than a decade in the local and international market.
Duration    : 3 months (Evening)

Live Drawing

This course highlights basic and specified details about the concepts of live drawing. You will become capable of capturing live subject matter on your canvases. Especially designed for those who are interested in developing their inner aesthetics as an artist. Plus, it is highly recommended for those preparing for admission in art schools!
Duration    : 4 months (Evening)

Textile Techniques

Learn to develop motifs and designs by using various media and then apply them on fabric by using different techniques including Tie & Dye, marbling and sketching. You will be able to create your own prints and surface on fabric by using modern techniques.
Duration    : 4 months (Morning)

CAD/CAM for Fashion & Textiles

In this modern day all design related fields are supremely aided by computer software. This computer aided course polishes your design skills so you can manipulate and enhance quick methods to create fashion or textile related designs. The course proves itself to be of extreme professional help anyone pursuing it.
Duration    : 6 months (Evening)

Drawing Techniques & Approaches

In order to broaden your experience & understanding you will use materials & media which are specific to art, craft & design as well as unusual materials & media to extend visual language and creativity.BETS Fashion School enables you to bring you ideas to life!! Our short courses are taught part- time & are designed for those wishing to learn & develop skills for basic Fashion Design.
Duration    : 4 months (Morning)

Professional Certificate in Fashion

This course will develop your conceptual & practical skills in fashion though theoretical & practical exercises designed to develop your knowledge & skills in Fashion Design. It is for anyone who wants to enter the industry or simply has an interest in Fashion, Trends and Style.
Duration    : 6 months (Morning)

Professional Certificate in Pattern

This course will help you to learn and develop different techniques to construct various pattern blocks, dart manipulations and pattern grading to work on a variety of design lines professionally. You will learn the skills required to create patterns from technical drawings.
Duration    : 4 months (Morning or Evening)

Professional Certificate in Interior Design

This course is specifically designed for those wishing to become professional interior designers. It focuses on technical and aesthetic skill development and enables you to successfully deliver small and medium scale interior design projects. Includes: space planning, colour theory, interior materials & finishes, atmosphere creation, interior accessories and lighting design.
Duration    : 6 months (Morning or Evening)


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