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We provide overseas higher education options in the UK, Australia, USA, Canada and Malaysia and details of suitable courses available at a wide range of quality Universities and institutions. Our service is independent and our objective is to match the individual needs & priorities of students to the requirements of education institutions.


Good academic decisions can lead to prosperous careers; our advisors consider your educational background, interests, strengths & weaknesses, and propose pathways tailored to individual requirements. Once a student’s needs are understood, the next step is to identify prospective countries, institutions and programmes that meet those requirements, Considering criteria set and options available.


We work closely with educational institutions who regularly update us with the latest policies on eligibility requirements. We personally look after the application process and accurately guide students about documentation required. Moreover, we continue to follow-up with institutions and students to ensure smooth admission processing.


We are in touch with embassies, consulates and border agencies, which means, we are well informed of developments in rules & regulations pertaining to visa requirements. We ensure that forms are accurately completed, all the requirements are met in a transparent manner and that students are well prepared for the interviews (where required) before the visa is filed. Consequently we enjoy a high visa success rate. We work with a variety of universities, including:

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and many more!


Our job doesn’t simply end with visa acceptance; we build relationships with students and their families, and we guide students regarding pre-departure & post arrival matters and remain in touch with them and their families during their stay to ensure that any concerns are addressed.

Overseas Education

Benefits of our service

  • – Opportunities to consider a range of study options
    without the need to personally research them.
  • – An independent view on the suitability of institutions and
    courses based upon your needs and wishes, helping to
    ensure your satisfaction.
  • – Access to a wide variety of quality universities & study
  • – Reduced communication costs in your application
  • – We consider your educational interests first.
  • – Advice about student visa application.
  • – Assistance in arranging travel & accommodation.
  • – Transparent fee structures.
  • – In-house IELTS registration & results service.
  • – International education office with global presence.
  • – Over 15 years of experience.
  • – Extensive advise & guidance on application procedures
    & visa processing.
  • – Knowledgeable & qualified staff.
  • – Merit based scholarships offered.

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